Food and Beverage Analysis Testing

The most common analytical methods used in the food and beverage industry are for the monitoring and testing of food safety, nutrition and quality. These tests include chemical, microbiological and physical contaminants, to achieve compliance with local, National and International regulations.

Contamination of food products causes damage to the consumer and a brands reputation. Whether you require analysis of a food and beverage, dairy or water, VWR can provide a comprehensive range of microbiological, physical and chemical testing equipment, consumables and chemicals to suit your requirements.

So whatever your food and beverage testing needs are, VWR has got it covered.

Product selection


Modern food means more and more convenience foods...


VWR offers a choice of titrators for manual an automatic titration to achieve most of the titration analysis in food industry

Karl Fischer Titration

Choice of compact volumetric or coulometric Karl Fisher titrators and related reagents for water determination

Kjeldahl Analysis

Kjeldahl nitrogen determinations are performed on a variety of food substances...

Edible Oils & Fat Analysis

From the checking of rancidity in cooking oils to the content of fats in food with the soxhlet method, VWR offers a solution...

Refractometry & Polarimetry

Refractometry is one of the basic methods for quantitative analysis and quality assurance methods in food and beverage industry...