Microbial Identification

Rapid tests including PCR and real-time PCR tests, molecular biology reagents, consumables and equipment.

Product selection

Colony Counters

For counting colonies either manually or automatically, then VWR has a solution...


VWR offers a large choice of microscopes from routine up to research allowing you to cover most applications....

Cameras & Video Heads

Various high quality digital cameras offering high resolution for large applications...

Microscope Slides & Accessories

VWR offers a variety of consumables perfect for visually examining your sample


For a quick inspection of results VWR offer a range of magnifiers...

Rapid Tests

Faster results and ease-of-use benefits versus traditional methods

Lens Cleaning Tissue

Cleaning tissues suitable for cleaning of various optical lens such as objectives, microscopes, binoculars, magnifying glasses and optical fibres filaments....