Sample Preparation

Sample preparation refers to the different ways or methods in which a sample is treated before analysis.

Sample preparation can be both time-consuming and a main source of errors, having a major impact on the result of any analytical method and the purity of the sample prior to further analysis. So choosing the proper sample preparation technique is critical and must be selected to ensure a reliable downstream analysis.

VWR offer an extensive range of chemicals, consumables and equipment to assist you in all your sample preparation requirements, either from our own VWR Collection range or a top brand supplier.

Product selection

High Purity Chemicals, VWR Chemicals

High purity NORMATOM and ARISTAR acids for trace elemental analysis in 500 ml and 2.5 l packs...


Sample reduction for crushing, mixing, homogenising and dispersing products from leading brands


Physical or thermal separation is a common technique in many chemistry laboratories

Distillation & Digestion

From fully automatic systems to the creation of your own design...

Liquid-Liquid Separation

For optimum preparation of your sample in aqueous matrices...


VWR offers a wide range of filtration products for most application areas...


We offer microcentrifuges, bench centrifuges both refrigerated and ambient, from all market leading suppliers...

Heating & Cooling

For a wide variety of temperature control tasks...