Spectrophotometers are widely used in many research, QC and pharmaceutical labs for applications within chemistry, biochemistry, life science, water analysis plus food and beverage. Our products offer quality and great value for money, whilst supporting the whole workflow, including spectrophotometers, photometers, cuvettes, standards and reagents.

From market-leading suppliers like Thermo, Hitachi, Hach, Merck, WTW, and our own VWR brand, we offer Visible and UV/Vis spectrophotometers, biophotometers, microvolume spectrophotometers, fluorescence spectrophotometers and spectrophotometers for specific applications in life science, water analysis plus food and beverage.

We offer the whole range of spectrophotometers, from simple entry-level models, to high throughput models using highly advanced accessories to cover most applications.

VWR, part of Avantor, has many years of experience supporting spectrophotometry applications - we can offer expert guidance to help you to find the right products for your application.