McMillan Flow High-Accuracy Stainless Steel Flowmeters and Transmitters

Supplier: McMillan Flow
MFLX32718-50EA 0 USD
MFLX32718-50 MFLX32718-40 MFLX32718-26 MFLX32718-48 MFLX32718-04 MFLX32718-02 MFLX32718-46 MFLX32718-24 MFLX32718-32 MFLX32718-22 MFLX32718-00 MFLX32718-44 MFLX32718-52 MFLX32718-30 MFLX32718-42 MFLX32718-20 MFLX32718-09 MFLX32718-07 MFLX32718-08 MFLX32718-28 MFLX32718-06
McMillan Flow High-Accuracy Stainless Steel Flowmeters and Transmitters
Flow Meters
Economical design with an outstanding ±1.0 % full-scale accuracy.

  • A wide range of outputs options for integration into any system

Select these flowmeters and transmitters for extremely low flow-rate applications or for higher flow rate measurements and yet maintain a full-scale accuracy of ±1% or better. All units feature a stainless steel housing and come standard with stainless steel compression fittings.

The flowmeters/transmitters can be used with a wide variety of transparent, low-viscosity (under 10 cSt) corrosive or neutral liquids and solvents.

Note: A power supply is required for each meter/ transmitter and may be ordered separately. If using an existing power supply, order cable assembly 32704-52.
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